My First Biography,2003

I was 9 years old when I started singing. My mum got me into this because my school was making a CD, so she told my teacher, Mr Philips, that I could sing. He then got me to sing in front of the class, and then two days later I sang a solo for the CD.
Next I did a song and dance solo at a MIDAA dance festival and won a gold medal. I entered a competition in Abergavenny and was runner up against adults. Then in a welsh competition I took part and came runner up in 2001 and was the winner in 2002.
In 2001 I auditioned with the BBC to sing at the Millennium Stadium. I sang with 29 other girls alongside Charlotte Church, S Club 7, Blue, Attomic Kitten, A1 and many more .
Then I sang at a hotel in Cardiff for a charity concert, where my dad recorded me singing, there I was offered a recording contract but my parents turned it down.
The tape that my dad had recorded was the one that my brother sent off to GMTV for the Totstar competition that they were running in 2002. At this time I was also entering another competition, 2002 Starsearch, I got through to the final but had to pull out because I was in London with GMTV.
In July 2002 I sang at Party in the Park in Cardiff, this time I got to sing alongside Darius, Busted, Daniel Beddingfield, Here'say and many others. Aswell as this I managed to have a game of football with Blue and Liberty X.
My single was released and reached number 27 in the charts and number 5 in the welsh charts, it was at this time I became the UK's youngest popstar, taking the title off Lena Zavarony, who held it for 28 years.
In December 2002 I took the UK athletics championship award for the decathalon event.
I am also a dancer with MIDAA, where I am taught ballet, tap, modern and acro. I am now in my 4th year with the London Royal Ballet School.

My Biography Update No 2! 16th December 2005,

I have been doing so much since my last biography that I don't really know where to begin; so I'll continue where i left off!
I'm now on my 6th year with the London Royal Ballet and I have an audition next year which I am hoping to pass. If I do, it will be my 7th year running with this dance school. Fingers crossed!!
After winning Totstars, I was invited by the BBC to perform in front of a cheering crowd of 10,000 or more people, at Cardiff Bay, Big Buzz, which I have done 2 years in a row. This was along side: 3SL, Mark Almond, Blazin' Squad and many more!! I really enjoyed doing this event, because just like Party in the Park the crowd were chanting my name!!
Later in that year, nearer Christmas, I was invited to the Royal Variety Ball, in Cardiff City Hall. This was so exciting as I got to wear my very first ball gown. This made me feel like a princess. I found it a little bit weird, as I was treated like a celebrity and other celebs recognised me. I also got to take my own four dancers and their parents too, and if you thought that I was excited, well I won't tell you what they were like! While I was there, I also had the pleasure of having my photo's taken by OK magazine. After a 7 course meal and a FULL stomach, I had to get up and perform. There was a great atmosphere and the night turned out to be brilliant!! I also got to do this again, just last year.
October 2004, I was invited to perform at St. Davids hall, Cardiff. I got to sing for the first time with a live band! When I came off stage, I was so excited that I felt like I wanted to get up and do it all over again! It was amazing!!
At many events that I have performed at, I have auctioned my single for charity! (I'd Like To Teach The World/ My Boy) To begin with, someone bought it for £20.00, then it went up to £100.00 and then, at a charity ball on the 5th December, Mr. Darlow bought my signed single for £1000.00! I was amazed to see that someone would pay this much for my autograph and it was nice to see that all the proceeds went to the charity! When I found out the price that Mr. Darlow had paid, I said to my manager, "Why does he want to pay this much for it when he can buy it for £4.99 and get it signed for free." It was such a big shock that my whole body was shaking with joy!!
I have performed in many places, from North Wales to the South of England! These places include: Colwyn Bay, Avon Country Park, Bridgend, Bristol and many more places!!
My only upset of this year was being disqualified from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest! I was sent an email to audition for it from Granada television centre. I was so excited and got set to writing my own song straight away! I never wrote any songs before, so this was my first one! Granada TV told me that I could win the contest and then also win the final, against the other countries! This made me even more eager to write my own song! The day that my manager was going to book me into the studio, we had a phone call from Granada. They told me that I had to be disqualified from the contest, because I was too professional! I was so upset when I found out, that I left my song and didn't finish completing it! At the time I thought " How can they say that I'm too professional" but now I think, "It's good that they say that I'm professional!" In a way, this had made me a better person and has made me enjoy singing even more!
Later this year, I recorded a new song called, "The Voice Within." This single I sold at events that I perform at, to help raise money for the charity's! I really enjoyed doing this, as the person that I recorded it with was one of my producer's of my first single. His name was Chris and he done this as a present for my 13th birthday!
My last but one performance of 2005 was performing in Cwmbran town centre for their Christmas cavalcade! I have done this 3 years in a row and I have already been booked up to perform there in 2006! This performance was extra special, because I got to sit in the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! This was amazing!! It was so much different from seeing it on a DVD, than seeing it in real life!!
My last performance of 2005 was on the 9th December at the Galleries Shopping Centre! This was for a charity called Tiny Lives Campaign. This charity helps to raise money for premature babies, in and around Bristol!! I performed throughout the day, having a rest in between, (shopping :-), whilst school choirs sang Christmas carols! It turned out to be a brilliant day and hopefully we raised a lot of money for these babies!!
When I help raise money for different charities, it makes me feel good inside. I absolutely love performing and when I sing, I get a huge buzz! The bigger the crowd, the better!!

My Biography Update No 3! December 2006

Again, where do I begin with 2006ís biography! This year again has been extremely busy. Iím very pleased to announce that I have got into the London Royal Ballet for the seventh year running! I was so nervous going into the audition room, but now so pleased that Iím in again. Seven years has gone so quickly! One of my highlights of 2006 was performing in Colwyn Bay, North Wales for the first time. I had my dancers come along with me to perform also, and it was over a day. I really enjoyed being there and the crowds were really good! Hopefully Ií'll get invited back there next year! I auditioned for a new musical theatre company also this year called "The Company" and then had my first show with them as well. In this show we performed many songs from the musicals. It was a totally different experience being up on stage with a group of people performing songs that I donít normally sing. I canít wait for the next show to come along! Again another big performance this year was ĎJumpiní In Julyí in Newport City Centre. I performed alongside The Company, my musical theatre company and was then asked to go up on stage and perform. This was much unexpected as I wasnít even supposed to be performing solo that day! Many of my fans emailed me this year and last year, asking if I would be performing at this years Caldicot Castle. So my manager got on the phone to see what he could do. For many years I had performed at Caldicot Castle and it was lovely to perform there again this year! One very unexpected event to happen this year was one of the Totstars from GMTV that I become rather friendly with contacted me. His name was Anthony and he made it to the final 15. It was lovely to hear how one of the Totstars was doing and hopefully soon to come I might receive an email from one of the other Totstars! It was lovely to see my name written again in this years ĎBritish Chartsí book, even after four years of hitting the charts! Who knows maybe I might even be named in there in next years book! I got sponsored by my first company this year and it was a limousine company! I was so excited when I found out I could possibly have a limo to turn up to different events with! How fancy! Some new features were added to the website this year such as a new music page. Here, viewers of my website can listen to my singing; some live recordings and download my music! Gradually, more and more music will be added to the page for viewers to listen to! I hope your all enjoying my music! I met up with my old producer this year in London. His name is Jeff Jarrett and every year he sends a Christmas card and I send one back. It was lovely to meet up with him after so long and he still hasnít changed a bit! We got invited to his house which was absolutely stunning! He also listened to me singing and watched a video of me performing. Hopefully Iíll get to visit him again sometime. At the same time I went to watch Claire Sweeney in ĎGuys and Dollsí which was amazing! I didnít think that I would actually end up meeting her, but we were told to go and watch by backstage before the show had begun and she didnít recognise me at first! It was so strange! She kept looking at my dad as if she knew him, but couldnít quite figure out how. Then the guard at the stage door held up my webcard with a picture of me and a picture of me from Totstars on and then she realised who I was. It was so strange! I had a picture taken with her which also went as one as my calendars this year. Hope fully Iíll see her again sometime! This years Christmas I performed at Cwmbran parade. I travelled around the parade in a pink Cadilac Car that used to belong to Duran Duran and then sung later. Luckily it didnít snow! But it was very cold! Sadly this year, a man that was very close to my family received bad news. He found out he had many different forms of cancer and had to pay for his own treatment to buy medication to help him. With this in mind, my manager and I organised a charity night to raise funds for his treatment. Thank you again to anybody who offered there services and money for Alun, it was all very much appreciated. With Alun and fundraising in mind, I decided to record two new songs, selling it privately via my website and through events. All profits that we made went towards his treatment. Thank you very much again for fan mail I received this year! Letís bring on 2007!
My Biography Update No 4! December 2007

Again where to start! 2006 was a very busy year, and so was 2007! I had many performances and was lucky enough to have an appearance on television. I was invited up to London with tickets for the Brian Connelly show, "Let Me Entertain You". What I did not know was that my family were keeping a secret and I was to be the artist pulled out of the audience that night. After finding this out, I had a few minutes to calm my nerves before performing to the audience and camera crew. My parents and the television crew had planned it all, with my outfit and music backstage. It was such an amazing experience. I sung outside Monsoon in Newport for their chosen charity in order to help raise funds. Overall the day was a huge success; even though the weather was not great to begin with, but still large crowds gathered to watch me sing. This caused slight chaos resulting in the police having to move those watching as the streets became blocked. For many years I have performed for various charities and helped to raise a lot of money. I enjoy this as this helps those in need. This gives me a great feeling in knowing I am helping someone who really needs it. Charity work is one of the aspects of singing that I love the most. There is no doubt that I will continue to help out next year and in years to come. In August I sung at Caldicot festival which is an open air event. I performed alongside other artists and I am hoping to perform there again next year. I joined a hip hop dance group, called Fahrenheit which is based in Cardiff. It is a style of dance I have not been taught before and I am really enjoying being part of my group "Rise". As a team, we had many performances resulting in us becoming the under 16s champions for the newcomer team. We are hoping to win a few more competitions next year! On the subject of dance, I passed my tap and modern exams. From this, I have become a student dance teacher for modern dance. Now I am able to teach modern dance to students under the supervision of a fully qualified dance teacher. Each year brings new events and one this year was Caerleon Arts Festival. Again this is an open air event where visitors can take a look around at a number of welsh memorabilia stalls and enjoy performances of various entertainment. To gain me more experience, I decided to enter X-Factor. Whilst taking part I was disgusted to find what happened behind the scenes. What people do not realise, is that the auditionees have to sing in front of numerous producers before meeting the actual panel of judges. This process takes place over a few weeks and in this time you are given guide lines to wear the same clothes and are told what type of song to sing. The confidence of performers are wrongly raised or crushed by the views of the panel. I can now understand why many performers quit singing after entering for television programmes such as X-Factor. In my eyes, I do not think these programmes should be allowed to go ahead with what they are doing. Luckily for me, I did not have this bad experience with Totstars on GMTV. Every contestant was treated fairly and was voted upon their ability and not for entertainment values. I'm pleased to state that I am still a member of "The Company", a musical theatre group, and earlier this year we performed my first full-length show. This is called Little Shop of Horrors. Again, I had the chance to perform alongside other famous people such as, Goldie Lookin' Chain, aka GLC. This performance was in aid of motor neuron disease. I met Tony Wright again when I performed for All Creatures Great and Small. Tony is the patron of this charity! I keep photographs of myself with the likes of Tony and GLCí in my gallery so take a look! I was very lucky to be invited to perform at the David Evan's Gala evening in Cwmbran. I have already been invited back for next year! I was asked to be involved in a documentary about the area where I live. The DVD was sold via a local community shop. I had many compliments about the DVD so thank you very much to all that bought it! Another major event was where I was asked to sing at a memorial for a little girl called Bobbie. Her parents asked if I would sing Forget Me Notí (originally sung by Lucy Silvas.) This performance was very hard, but the memorial was full of memories of Bobbie and how dearly she was loved. The hardest performance for me so far throughout my singing career was singing at a funeral. A man close to my family died of cancer and in order to help raise money to fund his treatment, I sold a CD privately via my events. Because of this, his wife came to me asking would I sing the song I released (Forget Me Not) at his funeral. This has definitely been the hardest thing I have ever had to do and the emotion was indescribable, but I managed to complete the song before breaking down in tears. On a brighter note, 2008 is the big year for me as I turn 16, so again, let's roll on 2008!
My Biography Update No 4! December 2008

2008 was a busy year for me. Unfortunately, it didn t go off to a great start, as I had a chronic case of tonsillitis, with a severe secondary infection and was unable to perform due to illness, so my first event didn t begin until the beginning of March where I was given the privilege of officially opening the new bird sanctuary for 'All Creatures Great and Small'. This charity helps to build sanctuaries that care for abused and neglected animals. As a bit of fun and help in gaining my confidence, I love to enter competitions and would recommend this to any singer, as every venue is different. In 2008, I entered one in Bristol, and also in Cardiff where I competed against adults. At both events I came runner up. In Bristol I won a meal for 4 at the restaurant where the venue was held, and the same for Cardiff. What they never knew was that I was only 15 when I was meant to be 18! It was a great experience and I met some really lovely people along the way. I was asked to participate in a documentary film of my local area, where I had to do a personal interview of how I felt about where I lived and also a voice over. This was a brilliant experience and the film crew I worked with were very reassuring. I sang an emotional farewell to St Albans RC High School this year. I completed my GCSE s, and came away with very acceptable grades and am now furthering my music education at college. Music technology, the course in which I am taking, involves learning the studio side of recording, the business of music, and composing. Hopefully after my two years are up, I would love to go to university in London to study music in more depth. I performed at a fun day for a centre that was being built to help younger children. It was celebrating their receiving of a Queen s award. They are hoping that Prince Charles will be officially opening the new centre sometime in 2009, fingers crossed I get to perform for him as this would be a great honour. Performing laws for me changed this year when I turned 16. I am no longer affected by the tight performing rules of welsh law and can sing as much and for as long as I wish. Hopefully things can now move in a better direction for me and my future career. I love performing for various charities and done a lot for Hospice of the Valleys. I sang at a huge open day event at Bryn Bach Park in Tredegar, where I helped to raise money for this charity and already I have been invited back again next year. Due to the success at Bryn Bach Park, I was asked to sing for St John s Ambulance, alongside Tredegar Male Voice choir. Quite often I ll be asked to help out others after being seen at various charitable events. This not only benefits the people that I help, it also expands the areas in which I perform. Due to other commitments, I had to change dance schools where I learn ballet, tap, modern, acrobatics and soft musical dance. With this new school, I had my first show. Three shows a week, in June and again in October. It was lovely to be back up on stage dancing again. My teacher also asked for me to sing. Can t wait until the next show! In July, I performed at Caerleon Arts Festival again, an event that happens every year, showing arts from around the world, varying from sculptures to jewellery. Firstly I sang in the church alongside a Welsh Male Voice Choir, and then I sang at the open air event as entertainment for people coming along to see the arts. This is the second year running that I have performed at this event, and every year I ve thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was personally invited to the opening of a new record company which was a big highlight of 2008, where I met a few famous people such as, Enzo Calzaghe and the original Darth Vador! The record company have been on talks with my manager and fingers crossed something may come of it, but even if it doesn t, I ll stick at it! A main event that I will never forget this year was when I travelled up to Manchester for the semi finals of a competition. Sadly I didn t get any further but on our way back home, (197 miles away) we broke down on the side of the motorway at 12 o clock at night, the rain pouring down, wind billowing and me stood in a tiny dress freezing cold! Three Lorries later, and eight hours of waiting around and travelling, I finally arrive home to my warm bed! Talk about show bizz! I was invited to perform alongside Andy Williams from the X-Factor for the Christmas light switch on in Newport City Centre. It was a lovely start to Christmas and I was even asked to have an interview with a film crew! Fingers crossed I ll be performing there again in 2009. I decided to record a few songs and release the tracks selling them privately via my website and events. The songs were recorded in dedication to my dad, as he s always supported me with my music career and as my best friend, manager and father, felt he needed some appreciation with the CD being made for him. Thank you dad for everything you ve done. I was contacted by the BBC asking would I audition for Eurovision Song Contest with Andrew Lloyd Webber. For a week they constantly rung me up to make sure I was going! They got in touch with me after viewing a video of Hurt on my website. I was then invited up to London to audition where I found out I was one of the final forty auditionees. Unfortunately, I later found out that I was a few months too young to be in the competition. I had my first performance night with my college. As part of my course we hold a night where the musicians play songs and all the money raised goes towards supplying things for the course, such as microphones etc. I was extremely nervous about singing in front of fellow students, but the night was a huge success and I can t wait for the next one! St Anne s Hospice is a charity that helps to improve the quality of life for those with life-threatening illnesses, while supporting their families at the same time. I was invited along to sing in aid of this charity alongside a Santa s Grotto. It was such a lovely day. The children s faces when visiting Santa was enough to brighten up anyone s day. I d love to be involved again next year. And that brings me to the end of my 2008 biography. The website is constantly getting updated throughout the years and I would like to take this chance to thank everyone who supports my career and check out my website! Let s get ready for 2009!
My Biography Update No 5! December 2009

2009 started better than 2008, as last year I was bed ridden wicth tonsillitis, so I spent my time revising for my music theory grade 3. I passed this with top marks. I give thanks to my old music teacher, Laura Simpson who taught me a lot of what I know today. God bless to her and her family. My first event in 2009 was in Grosvenor Casino in Cardiff Bay. I entered a talent competition with other gifted individuals and bands. We went through the heats which were held in Swansea and Cardiff during February; the final was at the end of March. Unfortunately I didnít win but I really enjoyed the evenings out being all dressed up. The day after the final I was up bright and early to get to Pillgwenlly in Newport for the opening of the Phoenix Academy Centre. The Academy is a fantastic business which helps children between the ages of 3 and 15 with their core subjects in school, English, Maths and Science. I sang throughout the day on the street outside where many people stopped in there ve icles and were singing along. There was one man who came up to me and gave me a beautiful big daisy. Thank you! In April I performed at an OAPs home. You can check the pictures out in the gallery section, along with other events that I perform at. April was a very busy month for me, especially the last two weeks. I attended and performed in the Newport Mayorís Charity event in Bettws. This was a Britainís Got Talent style event, appropriately named, Bettws Got Talent! This was a fantastic event to see and perform at. It was endearing to watch the children try their hardest in front of a full social centre. Watching them reminded me of my childhood; performing and trying with all my heart in these local events. I urge all of the entrants to keep trying and pushing for their dreams. The day after was another great event in Newport. This time it was alongside Tredegar Male Voice Choir. I will admit I did make a mistake calling them the Risca Male Voice Choir! It wasnít just me that went wrong, my father asked me if I was turned on, and yes my microphone was turned onÖ Not sure what the audience was thinking though! To finish my busy April week I was in the congress theatre in Cwmbran performing with my dance school. I had a really good night being alongside all my dance buddies and my sister. I know that possibly one day itíll come to a point where my dancing will have to stop. Having danced since I was 3 years old, I will miss it. I had my seventeenth birthday this year and in this industry you have to make decisions as I had to the evening of my birthday. I was to perform in the Brynmawr theatre, in aid of the Blaina Gwent lady mayors Charity. During the day I remember that my mother frightened me because she was pretending to be someone in the house that was breaking in! I was so frightened that I couldnít move scream or shout for help! Thanks mum! In June I performed at Bryn Bach Park in the scorching sun for Hospice of the Valleys. I enjoy doing this event as th ere is always a big crowd and lots of money raised for the charity. As Iím a big kid I love walking around the fun fair and looking at stunning Newfoundland rescue dogs. I had another busy weekend at the end of June, where I performed at a wedding reception. It was a lovely day with the bride and groom looking beautiful; I wish them both a long happy marriage. The day after I was at Fonmon Castle for a polo event; I felt right at home. Everyone was so posh, with millionaires arriving by helicopter, celebrities meeting and greeting the guests, champagne and ladies with big hats and posh dresses. A tradition of mine is to perform at All Creatures Great and Small. I love this event and will continue to help them in any way I can. There are always many animal lovers, like me there every year. Unfortunately this year I couldnít perform; the permission from the council to hold the event was rejected, although at the last minute they were allowed to hold an open day with no acts performing. Even though I didnít get to perform, I still enjoyed walking around and seeing all the good work they do. Another big outdoor event that has become somewhat of a tradition of mine is Caerleon Arts Festival, performing to what felt like the biggest crowd theyíve had. I sang at the Saturday event and gave many performances throughout the day. Hopefully next year Iíll do it again. Sometimes you get complications when you do so much, like this year my monitorís, which are the speakers which allow me to hear my music unfortunately saw the end of their days as the one speaker cone caught fire. Caldicot castle was another outdoor event during the summer. I really do enjoy performing outside as I get to play my music as loud as I want and get a tan performing too! I sang twice for the organisers on the Sunday and Monday of August bank holiday. I always enjoy the bank holidays, as lots of people come out to watch the events taking place. I started September in Llantarnum Abbey in support of St Anneís Hospice. I was a bit sad that day, not because of the weather, not because of anything going wrong but just because the nuns didnít dress like the ones on Sister Act! I really value St Anneís Hospice and have always been on hand to help them over the past few years. I was asked later in the year to become patron of the charity, something I am desperately looking forward to becoming. They are a charity which not only looks after me very well but it is also very close to my heart. I value how they help the sick in their last days and with seeing people with cancer in and around my family I think the work they do is extremely creditable. In the middle of September I had a bit of a shock, I was contacted by Mission Publishing who saw my videos by accident on YouTube. After replying to their email, they asked me to contact them to discuss the possibility of meeting in London to begin recording. I was a bit saddened at the beginning, as they wanted a classical singer. This isnít my forte but we came to a compromise and agreed to meet in the studio to do a bit of recording and to see what we would come up with. They made me feel extremely welcome whilst there even with a really bad cold! After a bit of recording I left the studio and returned back home to Wales, only with the hope that they would contact me to go back and do further work. As I was crossing the Severn Bridge I had a call off Sir Harry, managing director of Mission, saying theyíd all like to do further work with me. I was so excited when I received the call and a few days later they contacted us again with information on what theyíd like to do. They told me how they had a project in line which would help raise money for Blackburn Cathedral and at the same time help to become more established. The two songs that were picked for the single were, ĎOh Holy Nightí and ĎHow Great Thou Artí. To begin with, the record company had an idea that they wanted a big classical feel to the songs but they soon chan ged their mind and decided to switch more to my style! This made me so happy! A few weeks later they called me back up to begin recording the tracks. First of all I felt quite nervous but they were all so lovely and welcoming that I felt very much at home! We managed to just finish recording in one day and I was so exhausted on the way home that I fell slept! As the tracks had been finished, all that was needed was for the tracks to be mastered and for the CD cover to be made I was then to go for a photo shoot! My first photo shoot was along time ago when I was on GMTV, I enjoyed myself thoroughly then, but this time was totally different! I came down with tonsillitis that morning but I still wanted to go! I had my make up done and I was told they wanted pictures on top of the roof by the church! I had to climb up in a lovely, long, red, silky dress and my Uggs; changing my shoes when I reached the top! I donít know what passers by would have been thinking! I also had pictures on my m anagers Harley Davidson! I felt such a rocker! He he. We had a quick look through the pictures after the shoot and the CD cover picture got chosen immediately! A few weeks later I received the final copy through the post which was extremely exciting! I loved it and couldnít wait to get set on performing the tracks around Lancashire. My first event in aid of Blackburn Cathedral was at the Mall where I met Simon Webb! I was supposed to perform Oh Holy Night, but when the track started up it was How Great Thou Art! I managed to get through the performance and the crowd was very encouraging! I loved every second of it. My next event in aid of the cathedral was at Ewood Park at the Blackburn Rovers vs Liverpool football match. There were 28,600 people at the stadium; this was such an experience! I sang in the centre of the pitch and before going on I had to wait at the back of the tunnel while the players came off. I was pretty apprehensive at how football fans would react to my singing b ut they all sang along and I received a huge applause at the end! I even got to meet some of the players! My last event in aid of the cathedral was at Blackburn Cathedral itself. This was lovely as it was the reason behind my single and performances around Lancashire. I sang Oh Holy Night with the choristers who were also featured on my CD. We sold quite a few singles that evening and after the event, I travelled on to Blackpool for an event the next day whilst my parents headed home. This felt quite weird as it was the first time I stayed away properly without my parents or family around me. I really did however, enjoy myself. I stayed in a hotel along with my manager Sir Harry Cowell, and also the lady behind the project, Sam. It was extremely funny as the hotel was full of old people and my manager was flirting with the old ladies! He thinks heís such a ladies man! In the morning, I travelled down the road where I was to perform at Hounslow shopping centre. Crowds of people passed by and stopped to watch. At the same time we sold CDís and people gave me lovely comments. After this, I had a long journey back with my manager to Reading Train Station where we said our goodbyes and I headed back to Wales. This again was the first time I had been alone on the train so I was slightly nervous but as I approached home it was nice to be back. On the 20th December I trained it up to London again by myself where I would spend 4 days recording in the studio. The train journey up seemed to take ages and when I finally arrived at Reading Station, my manager and I couldnít find each other! It took about 45minutes until we eventually did! We had an hours drive back to Kingston where I would be staying. The hotel was just down the road from the studio and it was so girly with a four poster bed! I felt very spoilt! The same day we began recording as I had four songs to do and the day after I had a singing lesson with a woman called Nikki Langford. She was an amazing teacher and taught me new techniques that I hadnít heard of before! Before I knew it, the few days were up and I was heading back home to snowy Wales! It felt so Christmassy travelling back but the four days I was away made me really tired. While away, the record company told me that Iíll hopefully be releasing a single and an album in the New Year. I canít wait for 2010 to begin. I know itíll be a good one.
Biography 2010

After ending 2009 on such a high, I had big hopes and aspirations for 2010. In April I was asked to go up to London with my management company to begin recording the album. We ended up getting four tracks in all complete and ready to master. I was extremely pleased with the songs, especially as I was able to have input into the work created ! I was lucky enough to have an appearance on television again this year. Every small bit of publicity I can get helps a lot with my career, whether it is a small appearance of me singing on tv or an article with my name on in the paper. A major event of 2010 was having the opportunity to perform at Hampton Court Palace in London. I sang in the grand hall to various people who were visiting the Palace. There were many events ongoing throughout the Palace and people could have the option of what they wanted to see. I wasnít expecting many to watch me and was extremely pleased at the crowd ! This was the first time in which I was to perform my o sic. Unsure at how the songs would go down with people the feedback was fantastic ! Singing at a place of royalty was definitely a big experience for me. For many years I have supported St Anneís Hospice and will continue to as much as possible throughout my career. They hold a regular event at Llantarnam Abbey to raise funds for the hospice. Held outdoor, the public come along and listen to music, watch local dancers perform and can have a little look around the Abbey. I am amazed at some of the work these people put into this charity. Not always are my performances local. I was asked to sing at my managerís and songwriterís 40th and 50th birthday party in Bognor Regis. This was a rather important event for me as there were big people in the music industry there who I had to impress ! Luckily everything went fine and the night was a fantastic one ! In 2010 I officially signed my contract with Mission Publishing. A deal was sorted for both the recording and management. I am extremely excited to continue working with these people. I couldnít ask for a better Ďfamilyí to help push forward my career. Who knows what the new year could bring ? From time to time, I get asked to perform at big events in which famous people appear and for 2010 I sang at a charity evening in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care. As my name got introduced to perform I walked along to the stage area and made my way up to sing. I tripped over the step, landed face first onto the staging revealing everything including my underwear ! I was extremely embarrassed but had to continue my set list. Although this happened the evening turned out to be a great success ! My biggest event of 2010, was having the opportunity to perform for royalty. I was personally asked by Prince Albert of Monaco to sing while he had a few drinks before heading off to watch the rugby ! He was such a lovely man, and I was honoured to meet him. I even got a hug ! Fingers crossed one day I may even get this opportunity again. So metimes, events get thrown on me at last minute. In November of 2010 this most certainly happened ! I was singing for VIPs whilst they awaited the turning on of Christmas lights in Newport. After performing we were about to de rig the equipment when I got asked to sing on the main stage in five minutes ! I had literally no time at all I which I had to put together a few tracks and head up to the stage area. As me and my father stumbled through the crowds I couldnít believe how many people had turned up ! There was a few thousand easily ! I got so emotional on stage as the crowds joined in with my songs ! It was a mad but fantastic end to the day. 2010 was an amazing year with some fantastic performances around the country. I cant wait for 2011. I know it will be a good one as my single and album will be on release !